Youth Mural Project

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My students collaboratively designed a 29′ x 9′ and painted the main office at San Jacinto Preschool, in San Jacinto, California. The entire project was completed over about 2 months. I am very impressed and proud of the results of their dedication. Many of the students had just recently learned how to mix colors, and by the end they were confident at painting a large surface. Murals are a ton of work!

Saturation Fest 2017

Saturation Fest 2017

Last month I was invited to a month long exhibit of art at an amazing coffee shop in Riverside called Back to the Grind. The Grind has an amazing high ceiling and lots of character, I had always wanted to have some art up on the walls. If you are ever in downtown Riverside go get some coffee or tea from an independently owned coffee shop that supports local artists.

Thank you to anyone that bought art, stickers, and T-shirts!!! The music was fun.